Is He The Right Guy?

Do you know, it is really tough to work for a London escorts agency sometimes? First of all, it can be really long hours and you work under a lot of pressure.

London escorts must always keep themselves fit and look really great. It takes a a lot of effort to achieve this, and I don’t think that a lot of dates appreciate how hard us London escorts work for this. It means that before we start are dating day so to speak, we may already have spent several hours at the gym just to keep fit. I work for one of the leading London’s escorts agencies, and I spend an hour spinning every day and than I do yoga. That is a heck of schedule to start with.

On top of that I spend a lot of time at the Elemis Time to Spa in Mayfair, my complication must look good so only the best will do. Many London escorts do the same thing, so how the heck does a London escort actually have the time to pick the perfect guy for that relationship. It is no wonder that we end up shopping around like mad!

The Perfect guy

To be honest, I think that most London escorts have realised that the perfect guy may not exists. London escorts find it very difficult to hold down relationships as many men can’t accept what we do. If, you are lucky you might meet an older guy who accepts what you do for a living. A younger guy, our own age, are much less likely to be able to accept what we do for a living and we end up splitting up.

A friend of mine recently met a really nice guy in his 50’s at a gym. She is 25 but they get on like a house on fire. He has no strings attached and is happy to accept what my friend Theresa does for a living. Alan has a really good job, and is comfortable in his own skin. She was lucky to find a guy like that because most of us don’t.

When do I ever meet anybody?

I seldom have the opportunity to meet men apart from in my professional capacity. When I do meet somebody, I very seldom tell them the truth as they would probably run a mile or expect me to be their little sex kitten. What so many men fail to appreciate is that escorts are women as well, and we don’t just exist to escort.

We have many other things in life that interest us, and you will even come across some London escorts who are excellent artists. London escorts have so many talents but sadly the majority of our talents are overlooked for the obvious.

I know appreciate that I may have to leave my profession to find happiness in a relationship. To be honest, I am not even so sure what I am going to tell a future partner. It is a sad fact, that many former London escorts find it difficult to form relationships and end up lonely. I am that isn’t going to happen to me.