Do you really have time for your husband?

I have been working for London escorts for two years now, and I am always being told by the many wealthy men that I date, that there wives do not have time for them. Sure, I can understand if you have young kids, it is not always easy and I think that some men expect a lot of young mothers. When the kids are young, you really do need to focus on the family unit. But, when the kids start growing up, you can try to spend some more time with your husband. Quite a few London escorts are married and they often come across the same problem.

The truth is that we do need to make time for the men in our lives. If you work, you don’t need to focus on work, but most of these women do not work. I do believe most of my dates at London escorts, and many of them say that their wives are too busy going to the gym or having beauty treatments. These are two of the reasons why they date London escorts. I know it is nice to have loads of money to spend, and go off and do these things, but you cannot do it all of the time.

These ladies could take at least one day at of their busy week to spend sometime with their gents. Now, many of them end up taking London escorts out to lunch instead, and this is not the way it should be. I think that the guys should make an effort as well, and perhaps speak to their ladies about these problem. Obviously they should not start the sentence of with I am dating London escorts because you are too busy. It would be better to suggest getting your diaries out to check out each other schedules.

There are so many things that you can do together, and I keep telling the gents that I date at London escorts, that they do not need to suggest lunch all of the time. What about a game of golf or tennis, or a spot of shopping? There are some great things that you can do together, and they do not all have to involve eating out. I have even suggested to the gents that I meet at London escorts to make Saturday the time for a romantic dinner with their wives. Sunday can be the day when they take the entire family out for a meal.

We all lead busy lives today, and it is not only the gents who visit London escorts who need some advice on allocating their time. I think that we all do, and it can be hard to get around to it. Before I joined London escorts, I worked as a PA for a while, and I think that has helped a lot. It is much easier for me to appreciate the importance of time, and I also know how boring it can be to be a wife to these men. Maybe they should take some time off from work…

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